Hello. I'm Rudraksh. Rudi. Whatever floats your boat.

I'm into a lot of things. Code, math, history, art, literature, linguistics and music. I like to think I'm working towards being on the intersection of these fields. Of course, I'm still getting there.

I am a part of some very interesting startups, like this and this. I've also had a hand in several other startups, but that doesn't count for much. These days, I work with HasGeek, where I work on tech and outreach, to build interesting discussion spaces for geeks.

I seem to shuttle between the two different, yet similar cities of New Delhi and Bangalore. You can get in touch with me using a link to a nifty contact form above, or using one of the options below:

Alternatively, you can read some of my musings on Medium, or you can check out some of the work I seem to be always absorbed in, on Github.

The title of this window of sorts into me, "Glasnost", means "openness". That's Russian for you.