Hello. I'm Rudraksh. Rudi. Whatever floats your boat.

I'm into a lot of things. Code, math, history, art, literature, linguistics and music. I like to think I'm working towards being on the intersection of these fields. Of course, I'm still getting there.

Feel like contacting me? My email's in the footer below. You can also check out the menu above, with links to me on Twitter, Medium & Github.

I've been a part of some very interesting startups, like Seat 14A, Mayhem & Madness, and MathHarbor, as well as initiatives like Hacks/Hackers and collectives like HasGeek.

I've also had a hand in several other startups, but that doesn't count for much today, does it?.

These days, I work with Wingify as a community evangelist, where I drive notCRUD, a community for product enthusiasts across India.

I'm also involved in building some other nifty products when I can, ranging from chat bots, to better media consumption devices.

I'm also working on some projects that try and spin code and music and visualizations together, as well as better story-telling for the mobile age.

And I'm working on some serious historical fiction writing, which has been stuck for years, but might come to fruition someday.