High-performance numerical computing, on the cloud.

"Your numerical models, on the cloud. Crunch those numbers. Collaborate with others, and share your awesome mathematical insights." --- Rudi MK, c. 2013 A.D.

MathHarbor is essentially a set of mathematical computing tools, on the cloud. The idea? Leverage the power of clouds for your numerical computing needs. Never again install MATLAB, Mathematica, Sage, Julia, R or those other amazing platforms. Scale servers up and down, as and when you need to. Save your models and data in a secure environment. You get to share them with your colleagues - think of GitHub for equations. pay, for what you use. No licensing. No hidden contracts. Nadda.

Now isn't that just awesome? If you dig math, this is number heaven.

We're working on our product, and we aim to launch it by the middle of July 2013. Do drop us a line!