"Fire and Blood."

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I'm Rudraksh. Rudi. Whatever.

I'm into a lot of things. Code, math, history, art, literature, linguistics and music. I like to think I'm working towards being on the intersection of these fields. Of course, I'm still getting there.

I've been a part of some very interesting startups, like Seat 14A, Mayhem & Madness, and MathHarbor, as well as initiatives like Hacks/Hackers and collectives like HasGeek. Until February 2016, I was the resident evangelist at Wingify where I set up and maintained a community initiative for product makers and builders in India called notCRUD. I've also had a hand in several other startups, but that was a while ago :)

I'm the geek mind behind Dartboard, a BI pipeline and consultative service for startups and mid-market businesses. We helped build intelligent businesses that are data-aware, data-enabled and data-driven. I handled Dartboard's data pipeline and backend microservices, as well as devops. And maybe a bit of marketing/sales here and there. After Dartboard's acquisition by IndiQus, I joined IndiQus as VP - Product Engineering, where I spearhead the development of IndiQus' turnkey cloud products as well as DevOps tools.

I'm trying to get my hands dirty with some projects that try and spin code and music and visualizations together, as well as better historical story-telling for the mobile age. I'm also working on some papers around Marxism and its offshoots, as well as Eastern European history during the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries.

Feel like contacting me? You can email me at rudimk.cloud@gmail.com. Or you can tweet out to @vectormein. You can also read what I write(when I get to write) on my Medium blog and you can check out what I'm working on these days, on my Github profile.